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For this Q & A I asked Karina if she wouldn't mind answering the 6 Coffee Break questions we had for Season 4 of the show. Karina is someone who has been a mainstay contributor to Go Indie Now since we started. She is multi-talented as an author, Author PA, and successful radio host for "AUTHOR ASSIST WITH KARINA KANTAS" on the Artist First Radio Network and she doesn't hold back or sugar coat anything, which is awesome.   Karina, originally from the United Kingdom, now resides in Greece with her husband and 3 girls. Karina is a multi-genre writer with her Thriller Biker Outlaw series which includes IN TIMES OF VIOLENCE, HUNTRESS, and OUTLAW and now her Epic Fantasy series which has ILLUSIONAL REALITY and ILLUSIONAL REALITY THE QUEST. As I mentioned Karina holds nothing back and Coffee Break is no exception. 

You can take a look at  Karina's services at AUTHOR ASSIST HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/KKantasAuthorAssist

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    Coming into discovering what you have a passion for as an Indie Artist, name 1 thing you found that you absolutely loved that you never thought you would about being an indie artist?
    I've never really played well with others, preferring to stand alone and cope rather than asking for help. But I know without a doubt, I would have published as many books as I have, owned a successful business that supplies author services and I certainly would not have built my self-confidence up if it was not for the amazing online indie community. We are here for one another whether it's to bitch about Amazon or need help with a book blurb. You can guarantee there is someone who has the answer and willing to help.
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    Offer 1 element of your story you think people should pay more attention to than they already do?
    Toxic is different from other books in so many ways. Firstly, you have two main genres, romance and dystopian. Secondly, there are two versions of the same book. A clean romance and an erotica version, giving the reader the choice, Hot or Not! And thirdly, Toxic is a collaboration between two authors, myself and Karen J Mossman. Through webcam brainstorming sessions, Karen and I created this amazing dystopian world that is just too large for just one book. Both of us have opened the door to a new fiction genre and it immediately felt like we were home. Plus, I have just stampeded into the erotica genre another first for me.
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    Fortunate and luck come into play a lot in artist's lives but name 1 thing as an artist that you feel fortunate and luck have nothing to do with in terms of being successful.
    How does one define themselves as being successful? Having a movie deal? becoming an NYT Bestselling author? Having 10 sales that week? Getting a new review? I feel fortunate to have been given the skills and talent to write and to be able to pick up a pen and create a tale in any genre. I feel fortunate to have published 11 books so far in my life and to have been signed to a publisher. And I feel fortunate that my readers are still supporting and loving my work. I feel lucky to have been so fortunate.
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    Fearing failure or fearing success, fear is an artist's most prominent fights, give 1 way in which you fight off self doubt or prepare yourself for self stardom.
    Self stardom? Nah that ship sailed a long time ago. I just had a pretty dismal book release, that has never happened before and so I class that as a failure and just hope it doesn't happen again. I don't fear success. I would happily embrace it but that's not going to happen and I'm okay with it. I'm successful in so many other ways. They are correct when they say over the years you develop a thick skin.
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    Everyone starts off a fan, some of us get lucky to meet or fulfill our fandoms. What has being a fan taught you or given you to think about how you might be when a fan approaches you?
    I love it when a reader contacts me about how much they enjoyed the book. I love how excited a fan gets when you reply to them on their video or blog comment. I would happily chat to any fan and answer every single question when asked. It's important to give them time, make them feel like they are part of this journey with you. Social media is a fantastic platform, enabling you to reach out and connect to your readers.
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    AT ALL THE LINKS ABOVE. Here's what Karina and Author Assist can do for Indies. Available assistance to new and established authors Marketing and promotion manager Virtual assistance Blog tour and hops Social media consultant Narration Brainstorming Sessions Branding and logo design Reviews Book trailers Design Promo Blitz

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