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Written by Joe Compton
Monday, February 04, 2019

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  1. Slamdance Spotlight: Episodic Program
    10 Feb, 2019
    Slamdance Spotlight: Episodic Program
    SLAMDANCE 2019 LOOKS AT WHAT I EXPERIENCED EPISODIC PROGRAM FINDING THE ASSHOLE Created & Directed by Melissa Stephens, Produced by Melissa Stephens, Tom DeTrinis, and Christine Woods Starring: Melissa Stephens, Tom DeTrinis, and Christine Woods Synopsis: A Lynchian romp through a playful yet scathing social critique that is at once absurd, haunting, and incredibly funny. WHAT THIS SERIES DOES WELL: CINEMATOGRAPHY & EDITING ARE A+.I know that’s a weird thing to highlight in a sketch comedy
  2. When Authors Collide – Er – Collaborate
    03 Oct, 2017
    When Authors Collide – Er – Collaborate
    Meet Michael and Jean. They are authors who have collaborated together and here is an unique blog of a conversation about that collaboration, how it started, what it takes to survive and thrive, and what's next for the two of them.  Michael E. Dellert is the fantasy author of the Matter of Manred Saga, a freelance writer, editor, publishing consultant, creative writing blogger, and father to two teen girls. Jean Lee is a creative writing blogger as well, with an MFA in Creative Writing from
  3. Book Reviews
    27 Sep, 2017
    Book Reviews
    As authors, we love book reviews.    Without them how would we know if the readers enjoy our work? People don’t like leaving reviews and I don’t know why. I am an author. But first and foremost I am a reader and love writing book reviews. Perhaps that’s just the writer in me.    I’ve spent a lot of time in the past trying to get readers to review my books, from competitions to downright begging and nothing works! I also wasted energy on checking Amazon every day to see if I have a new one.

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