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For this Q & A I asked Burning Willow Press' L. Bachman if she wouldn't mind answering the 6 Coffee Break questions we had for Season 4 of the show.  At a young age, L. Bachman started creating stories and art. This form of expression led to becoming a published author with the stories Maxwell Demon, Human Ouija, and Harvest. She has also been included in several anthologies. In March 2016, her short story, The Painting of Martel, was included in the anthology Painted Mayhem. Following its release, she was once more included in an anthology, And the World Will Burn: A Dystopian Anthology, with her work The Gaze of Destruction. When she is not working in the graphics arts sector of the independent publishing industry, she works for the publishing house Burning Willow Press, LLC. They took notice of her portfolio after she provided graphic design for author Kindra Sowder, CEO of Burning Willow Press. L. Bachman now is a full-time staff member working in the graphics department of the publishing house doing promotional media… videos, promotional materials, and cover design. Through her work with Burning Willow Press, she’s provided materials for the likes of Kerry Alan Denny, SL Perrine,  and James Master. She continues to work independently with her own clients, having plans to continue her independent writing. 

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    Coming into discovering what you have a passion for as an Indie Artist, name 1 thing you found that you absolutely loved that you never thought you would about being an indie artist?
    As a child, I dreamt of growing up to be a professional writer. The thing I love the most about this industry is it's giving me the outlet to allow my dream to come true. That's what I love the most, having the ability to do what I'd dream of as a child. I'm sure that might come off campy, but it's 100% legit to how I feel. It's what I love most. I never thought that being indie would allow me to feel so fulfilled.
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    Offer 1 element of your story you think people should pay more attention to than they already do?
    For my novels and short stories, I end up having a moral aspect. That being that a good person can do bad things and a bad person can do good things because nobody is perfect and we're all just doing the best with the situations we're placed in. As for the writing on my website, my series called The Word, I hope people take away from it more help with their writing and learn from what I'm sharing through my experiences in the indie/self-publishing world. I recently started a series called Story Time I hope that people take away from it more about me. I have come to gain the reputation over the years as some mysterious being putting out digital art and stories with little of me known. At the end of the day, over all of it, I hope readers take away something, if anything, even if they didn't like it they felt something.
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    Fortunate and luck come into play a lot in artist's lives but name 1 thing as an artist that you feel fortunate and luck have nothing to do with in terms of being successful.
    You're right, being lucky and fortunate does come into play often, but I also believe you're creating that for yourself through the not-gonna-give-up attitude that is a cardinal rule of the business. Once you understand the marathon of it you're better off for it. So, the thing I feel that has nothing yet everything is understanding the way you must approach the industry. If you come at it with the right attitude you'll see things happening that you may not have been prepared for. The right approach helps you be successful. You cannot come at it aggressively and pissing off everyone. You cannot come in saying you're the next Stephen King or Anne Rice or that you're even better than them, you won't get very far.
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    Fearing failure or fearing success, fear is an artist's most prominent fights, give 1 way in which you fight off self doubt or prepare yourself for self stardom.
    Self-doubt happens to everyone. I do get down, I do want to give up at times, but I breathe and take a step back. I remind myself there are other outlets that have nothing to do with publishing that I can create in and that ultimately helps me. Sometimes, just sometimes, I will talk to fellow artists or even my family to remind me why I am doing what I'm doing.
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    Everyone starts off a fan, some of us get lucky to meet or fulfill our fandoms. What has being a fan taught you or given you to think about how you might be when a fan approaches you?
    I remember the first book that really moved me being Interview with the Vampire. I'm a fan of Anne Rice. She inspired me. I can recall how I felt, the ups and downs. I never thought, until recently, something I'd written would do the same for me that I had felt for another. I was told just recently, by a fan, that my book helped them through a dark time in their life and helped them realize things would get better.
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