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For this Q & A, I asked Punam if she wouldn't mind do the Coffee Break questions, seeing how we just started the 4th season of that show.  this by no means doesn't mean you won't get include insight, quite the contrary. Punam, aka Petal: The Horticultural 'Obbit, is published author and teacher in Birmingham, England. Her blog is one of those that tend to be as honest and non-judgmental as it gets. Her observational style is the type of peace and quiet and comfort you seek sometimes, often when you need it the most.   Enjoy the answers to the 6 questions and go and check out the Horticultural 'Obbit. 

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    Coming into discovering what you have a passion for as an Indie Artist, name 1 thing you found that you absolutely loved that you never thought you would about being an indie artist?
    Creative freedom. I can choose which genre, what type of story I want to write without the constraints that might be found in traditional publishing. There is greater autonomy to take chances and be more adventurous.
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    Offer 1 element of your story you think people should pay more attention to than they already do?
    Diversity of characters. I write about everyday people, who experience everyday things. I choose to bend conventions that can be restrictive.
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    Fortunate and luck come into play a lot in artist's lives but name 1 thing as an artist that you feel fortunate and luck have nothing to do with in terms of being successful.
    Productivity. You have to actually write; picking up a pen, sitting at a laptop. Without that, you can day dream all you want. Those thoughts and ideas may not ever see the light of day.
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    Fearing failure or fearing success, fear is an artist's most prominent fights, give 1 way in which you fight off self doubt or prepare yourself for self stardom.
    Concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives in feedback. Reviews that say what was appreciated, understood and experience weigh more in my mind than negatives.
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    Everyone starts off a fan, some of us get lucky to meet or fulfill our fandoms. What has being a fan taught you or given you to think about how you might be when a fan approaches you?
    That authors are human too. They are teachers, accountants, doctors and plumbers. As authors, they have struck a cord and if that resonates with you, use that as inspiration.
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